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Top 20 MBA Thesis Topics Related To Current Events

To get a Master’s degree in business administration, you should compose a good thesis on the topic of your choice. It might be difficult for some students to come up with ideas that will be relevant to the current situation in the business world. If you have such a problem, a list of excellent sample project topics can help you generate an interesting and unique idea.

A Collection of Relevant MBA Thesis Topics

  1. Vendor managed inventory systems and replenishing routing.

  2. Using the technique of ratio analysis to analyze financial statements.

  3. Export performance: the importance of human capital.

  4. Cellular companies and their lifetime plans.

  5. The study of a company’s behavior for a company’s survival.

  6. Small ICT corporations: the board of directors as a strategic resource.

  7. The study of factors that affect the adoption of an automotive industry and e-business.

  8. The role of the right selection of human resources.

  9. The consumer perspective on the internationalization of banks.

  10. The influence of the inventory effect on the supply chain.

  11. Portfolio management and mutual funds.

  12. Consumer behavior and green products.

  13. The Internet marketing: current trends.

  14. Strategies for managing changes in an organization.

  15. Aligning investment decisions with a corporate strategy.

  16. The continuance of knowledge management systems in an organization.

  17. The analysis of the employee job satisfaction in a company.

  18. The study of the internationalization of a particular firm.

  19. The role of logistics in the strategy of a company.

  20. The effect of branding on purchase decisions of consumers.

Instructions for Writing Your MBA Thesis

After selecting your topic, you should start conducting your study. Ask your faculty supervisor about sources that are useful to examine preparing for your investigation. If your project will be built around a particular organization, try to find a company that will allow you to conduct adequate research.

Having carried out your study, you should outline your academic paper. Take your initial outline to your supervisor. If they approve it, you can continue working. If they ask to make some changes in the outline, follow their instructions and repeat the procedure until they’re satisfied.

It’s also advisable to visit your instructor during the writing process. They’ll advise you on what terms to use and point out whether your writing style should be changed.

Before you submit the final version of your paper, it’s recommended to hire a good editor for a professional proofreading. This will cost you money, but the results should be worth it.

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